Carol Moon Goldberg


Nature of Involvement: 
Board Member
Second Vice President for Voter Service
Email Address: 
cmoongoldberg [at]
Local League(s): 

Carol is the Second Vice President for Voter Service of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund. She is a 20-year League member who joined the LWV of Sacramento County in 1994. She spent 10 years in various board of director positions, as administrative and program vice president, and two terms as copresident of the League. She chaired the budget committee for many years. Throughout her time in the League, Carol moderated candidate forums, presented Pros and Cons, and headed voter registration drives in area high schools. Carol served as coordinator for and LWVSC spokesperson on a local television station’s election day phone bank. She is the League liaison working with the Sacramento County Voter Registrar’s Office on mock elections in area high schools and coordinates the League’s participation at the election day phone bank in the Registrar’s office. She accompanies the Registrar’s staff during mock election programs, registering high school students, and talking to high school government classes about the importance of voting.  

In addition to working on voter service projects, Carol has served as off-board program director for LWVC in the reproductive choices portfolio. She analyzes and follows legislation related to that portfolio and represents the League in a coalition of other organizations working on reproductive choice issues.

Carol served on the Sacramento County Grand Jury in 2010-2011. She is currently a member of the Sacramento County Grand Jurors’ Association and is involved in recruitment and outreach in the search for qualified grand jurors including the design of an interview tool to be used to vet prospective jurors.

A lawyer who retired in favor of raising her two children, Johanna and Adam, along with her husband (also a lawyer), Carol spends many, many hours volunteering. In addition to the League, Carol has served her synagogue as cochair of a $3 million dollar capital campaign as well as on strategic planning committees, personnel search committees, and various fundraising committees. In addition, she served on two committees that advise her local school board and its superintendent. Carol also supported the various sports and arts related activities of her children with fundraising, organizing and chauffeuring.

In addition to a JD degree, Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science. She has been interested in the League since her college days and feels that the current political climate is partly the result of the lack of civic education in America today. Educating voters and future voters is of utmost importance. The League’s mission of educating and informing voters is as vital to sound government and civic education now as it was 95 years ago.  She is eager to pursue that mission.