Voter Registration: Permanent Residence


The Secretary of State has issued the following answer to the question of whether a voter is required to re-register to vote at a different address if the voter has left his/her home due to a foreclosure.

 RE: Voter Registration: Permanent Residence 

Given the home foreclosure rates in California continue to remain high, we thought it is important to re-visit the issue of whether a voter who, for example, has recently left their home due to a foreclosure, is required to re-register to vote at a different address. Below is the response included in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that is posted on our Voter Registration web page at

 I have just moved. Am I required to re-register? Your voter registration should always reflect your current residence. However, if you have moved from your home into a temporary residence that you do not intend to use as your permanent residence, you can continue to use your prior permanent residence where you were previously registered to vote as your address for the purpose of voting.