Voting in a Primary Election Matters! Every Election Counts!


Why Should I Vote in the June Election?

may still be some voters who consider a June Primary as something they can
“skip” and wait for the November election. It’s important for all voters to know that our choices in June will
determine what we see on our November ballot. Every election counts just as every vote counts!

What is a "Top Two Primary"?

California’s “Top Two
means more choices for all voters, regardless of party
preference.  It also gives all voters a say in deciding which candidates advance to the November General Election.  Learn more about the “Top Two Primary”.

blue and red infographic "Who will Represent Us?

  • In the June
    Primary, all candidates for Congress, statewide executive offices, and the
    California Legislature are listed on the same ballot regardless of their party
  • You can vote
    for any candidate regardless of what party preference you indicated on your
    voter registration form.
  • The two
    candidates receiving the most votes -- regardless of party preference -- move
    on to the general election.

Where can I get candidate information online?

Get your entire ballot and polling place by entering your address at

What if I don't vote in June?

Not voting in the June Primary is like “leaving your vote on the
table”. We encourage all voters to use
the power of your voice and your vote into the voting booth
June 3. You can register to vote online by May 19 to vote on June 3.