LWV Solano County Annual Meeting


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United States
Annual Membership Meeting. The Program Planning and Events Committee is planning for the League’s Annual Membership Meeting. Because the League, locally, state and nationally have committed to only remote, electronic meetings for the foreseeable future, our Annual Membership Meeting will be very different this year.
On Thursday, June 11th at 7 pm we will hold an electronic, live, meeting that you will be able to attend from your internet-connected computer or smart device. It is very important that you plan to virtually attend this meeting. It will not be a long meeting; however, it is important that we have at least 30% of the membership in attendance at this meeting so we can vote on several things.

For Zoom meeting link and password information, please email juliehartford [at] gmail.com.

To help us all prepare for our Annual Meeting on May 11th we emailed members important information and links about the meeting which takes the place of much of the annual meeting content. There is a lot of information but we encourage you to read and view all of the documents and watch all of the videos to make sure that we all have a great and productive meeting.
May 11th emailed document attachments provide information about how the League intends to move forward in the next year and reports including:
-          A Proposal from the Program Planning and Events Committee for the upcoming year.
-          A Report from the Nominating Committee that will include nominations for the Board (officers and directors).
-          A Report from the Treasurer.
-          A Budget for the upcoming year to review.
-          Proposed changes to the Bylaws for you to review.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You can download all of these attachments using the links in the "Event Minutes" section at the bottom of this page.
Annual Meeting Agenda
-          Vote to Adopt the Program for the year.
-          Get an updated Nominating Committee Report.
-          Vote to elect the Board officers and directors for positions that need to be filled this year.
-          Vote to elect the Nominating Committee for the next year.
-          Vote to Adopt the Budget.
-          Vote to Adopt the Bylaw changes.
-          Live Q&A with Elizabeth Patterson, Mayor of Benicia about the housing crisis in our county.
LWV Solano County Annual Meeting YouTube videos:
Please dig into all this information so you and all our members are prepared to get the most out of our meeting.
We greatly appreciate your support as we do our very best to move forward with the business of the League in these challenging times. We hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and can remain that way.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me personally.