Voter Registration Drives


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If you register to vote because a group is encouraging your registration, the following will describe the process and your rights.

EVERYONE: Groups that are handing out voter registration application forms must help everyone to register. They may not provide forms only to people who agree to join their political party. These groups are required to give a voter registration application form to anyone who requests one if the group "has sufficient forms" (at least one blank form).

NO "PRE-MARKING": The Voter Registration Application form may not be "pre-marked". For example, a political party may not check their party's box before (or after) giving you the form to fill out.

ASSISTANCE: If someone filled out the form with information provided by you then that person must sign and date the form below your signature.

DELIVERING THE FORM: You may mail the voter registration application form yourself or you may let the group turn in the form for you.

  • If you let the group turn in your form be sure you are given the voter's receipt stub from the form. The stub has the same number as the form you filled out. You have the right to mail the form yourself.
  • If the person who will turn in your form is being paid by the group then she or he must sign her or his full name, telephone number and address, and the name and telephone number of the person, company, or organization that is paying her or him.
  • Completed forms must be mailed or delivered to the County Election Office within 3 days (72 hours).

RESOURCES FOR A WINNING VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE: the League of Women Voters Education Fund of U.S. has produced a new Registration Tip Sheet. Find more resources.

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