The New Voter's Choice Act Makes Voting Easier


Voter's Choice California

What is the Voter’s Choice Act?

Big changes for voters in these Voter's Choice Act counties: Madera, Napa, Nevada, Sacramento, and San Mateo Counties. Approved by California lawmakers in 2016, the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) expands voters’ options for how, when and where they cast their ballots. Beginning in 2018, all registered voters in participating counties will be mailed a ballot and have the option to return it by mail or place it in a secure dropbox. Voters also will be able to vote in person at a limited number of “vote centers,” which will replace polling places. Under the Voter’s Choice Act, YOU choose when, where, and how you vote. 

-Watch this new video on vote centers.

-Check out this handy one pager from our Easy Voter Guide about the new ways to vote!

How to vote under the Voter’s Choice Act

Every registered voter in participating counties will receive a ballot 28 days before Election Day. You have 3 ways to return your completed ballot:

  1. Mail your ballot




  2. Drop off your ballot at a secure ballot dropbox






3. Visit any vote center in your county to drop off your ballot or vote in person


What is a Vote Center?

Most neighborhood polling places will no longer be used for voting. Instead you can vote at any vote center in your county. At a vote center, you can:

  • Vote in-person.
  • Drop off your completed ballot or get a replacement ballot.
  • Vote using an accessible voting machine.
  • Get help and voting materials in multiple languages.
  • Didn’t register in time? At vote centers you can sign up and vote on the same day all the way through Election Day.

All vote centers will be open for at least 4 days: from Saturday, November 3 through Tuesday, November 6. Some vote centers will be open for 11 days starting Saturday, October 27.

How can I get involved?

All types of community leaders and organizations can help make the VCA a success by

  • Serving on a VCA advisory committee
  • Participating in planning meetings
  • Joining your local Voter’s Choice California hub
  • Helping voters in your community prepare for the Voter’s Choice Act
  • Providing feedback about your voting experience

Where can I find out more info about my county?

Learn more about the Voter’s Choice Act and how it will impact you using county specific info:

Why the change?

By adopting the Voter’s Choice Act, state policymakers and election officials hope to increase voter participation by providing voters with increased flexibility to vote when and where is most convenient for them. For example, voters in participating counties will be able to vote on weekends, at any vote center in their county, and by mail without requesting a mailed ballot in advance. The new process also modernizes California’s elections and recognizes the growing preference voters have for mailed ballots. Overall, the Voter’s Choice Act gives voters more options so they can choose when, where and how they vote.

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