All Statewide Ballot Measures for this Election

Why the unusual proposition numbering on this ballot?

Originally the propositions were numbered consecutively, beginning with Proposition 43. However, Prop 43 was removed from the ballot by the legislature and replaced by Prop 1 when AB 1471 was signed by the Governor. When the Governor signed SB 867, Prop 44 was changed to Prop 2.

Ballot Measure - Proposition 1
Should the state of California sell $7.1 billion in additional general obligation bonds to fund various water-related programs?
Ballot Measure - Proposition 2
Should the State Constitution be amended to change how the state pays down debt and saves money in reserves?
Ballot Measure - Proposition 45
Should changes in some health insurance rates require the Insurance Commissioner’s approval before going into effect?
Ballot Measure - Proposition 46
Should California require random drug testing of doctors, require doctors to check a statewide database before prescribing certain drugs, and raise the cap on noneconomic damages in medical negligence lawsuits?
Ballot Measure - Proposition 47
Should the penalties for certain offenders convicted of non-serious, nonviolent crimes be reduced from felonies to misdemeanors?
Ballot Measure - Proposition 48
Should the tribal gaming compacts negotiated by Governor Brown with the North Fork and Wiyot Tribes and ratified by legislative statute be allowed to go into effect?