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Preparing to vote

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Preparing to Vote

Before you vote it helps to know what you will be voting on.

California ballots often have many candidates and many measures. It can take a long time to read everything if you wait until you are ready to vote. The tools here will help you to prepare. Remember that you don’t need to vote on everything. Your vote still counts even if you choose to skip some things on your ballot.

We recommend you look up your ballot on VOTE411 before the election and save your choices before you vote.

smiling woman reads her Voter Information Guide

All registered voters receive two things in the mail…

Your State Voter Information Guide with information about federal and statewide candidates and statewide ballot measures.

Example of California State Info Guide
The State Voter Information Guide is only mailed before a statewide election. It contains:

The full text of every measure on the ballot with arguments for and against the measures

An unbiased analysis of the costs and provisions of each measure

Statements from statewide candidates

Your County Voter Information Guide contains a sample of your ballot and information about local candidates and ballot measures and the location of your polling place.

Example of County Voter Info Guide
A County Voter Information Guide is sent before statewide and local elections. It contains:

Statements from the local candidates

Information about local ballot measures

The location of your polling place or Vote Centers

Easy Voter Guide

Visit the League of Women Voter’s Easy Voter Guide website for unbiased summaries of statewide ballot measures and what to expect in the election.

User-friendly information for new and busy voters.

Available to download in five languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

VOTE411 logo, Election Information you Need


Visit the League of Women Voter’s Vote411 to look up your personalized ballot and get all the election information you need.

Info on candidates, measures, and who supports them.

Check where, when, and how to vote.

Keep track of your choices and use them to vote.

Pros & Cons of the Propositions on the Ballot

Read our unbiased explanations of the state ballot measures

We provide nonpartisan, concise explanations of state measures on the ballot each election, including the provisions, fiscal effects, main arguments for and against, and the supporters and opponents.

California Legislative Analyst

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office provides fiscal and policy advice to the Legislature. The office carries out its oversight function by reviewing and analyzing the operations and finances of state government to ensure that the executive branch is implementing legislative policy in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Public Forums

The League of Women Voters and other organizations often sponsor forums for candidates and Pros & Cons meetings about ballot measures prior to an election. Call your local League of Women Voters office, check the LWVC Calendar for an upcoming local League event, or check your newspaper for information about times and places.