Why Voting Matters

people reviewing sample ballot and Voter Information Guide

Voting impacts every area of our lives, from health care to jobs to racial justice. When we vote, we’re choosing the people and the laws that shape the direction of our communities. Using our power and voting makes sure we have voice in the future. Want to know some of the things your vote impacts?

Criminal Justice System

You elect sheriffs, district attorneys, and judges who make decisions on things like police use of force, body cameras on officers/deputies, and what kinds of sentences or rehabilitative alternatives are recommended for people. Your vote directly impacts your community each day.

Climate Change

With your vote, you choose elected officials at every level who set and review climate change policy and make decisions impacting the future of the planet.


Your vote ensures that we are ALL represented in our government, not just those of us with greater wealth or systemic advantages.

Housing & Homelessness

When you vote for state/local officials such as city council; county board of supervisors; and state senate and assembly; you are choosing the people who make decisions on how to address affordable housing and support the people who are unhoused in your community.

Reproductive Choice

Your vote chooses state and national representatives who will make laws that impact your reproductive choice and freedom to access reproductive healthcare.


Your vote influences immigration reform, including determining the future of policies like family reunification and political asylum.

So, Now What?