What's on the Ballot?

About this Election

There are 11 statewide propositions appearing on the November 6 ballot. Find out more about them here below, download our Pros & Cons in English or Spanish and also go to Voter's Edge.


Authorizes bonds for facility repair, construction, and modernization at public preschools, K–12 schools, Community Colleges and Universities.
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Candidate Information

Voters will also decide who will fill the following offices:

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House
  • State Senate
  • State Assembly
  • Governor
  • CA Supreme Court
  • Other Statewide Offices
  • Local government

There may also be other county, judicial, and local officers as are provided by law.

For candidate information, please visit VotersEdge.org/CA


Note: The League never supports or opposes candidates.

Where can I find non-partisan election information?

You can enter your address at www.VotersEdge.org/ca and get your entire ballot and polling place.